Hi there! My name is Dr. Savannah Burrus, a native and current resident of Greensboro, NC. I have a special interest in pelvic health and orthopedic physical therapy. I especially enjoy helping athletes and active individuals continue doing what they love! When I’m not in the clinic, you can find me working out and lifting weights or spending time with my husband and our two dogs, Tobias and Dakota. I can’t wait to help you start your journey in healing.



In your first session, you can expect a comprehensive evaluation including an interview and physical exam to address all patient concerns. Then, together we will create an individualized treatment plan that will usually consist of manual therapy, specific exercises geared toward your goals and prescription of home exercises for you to continue making progress


Our beautiful space allows for individualized assessment in a private treatment room as well as the option to use gym equipment for mobility and strength work.


We believe in transparency, which is why you will know exactly what to expect before visiting. You will never be rushed through an assessment here, because you deserve more than what the traditional healthcare system provides. You will always receive 1-on-1 care, tailored to your specific fitness goals. We believe in not only helping people heal from injury, but we want you to feel equipped in preventing that injury from happening in the future. We will make a plan together to ensure that your long term health is a priority!


Innovate PT is proud to be an out of network provider. This means, instead of using your insurance, we provide physical therapy on a “fee at time of service” basis. By removing myself from a preferred provider/contracted status with the insurance companies, I do not have to limit the time or quality of treatment I provide because of insurance company restrictions. You and your therapist are in charge of when you start and end PT, without an insurance company making the decision for you. In addition, you are guaranteed 1:1 care every visit instead of having to share your therapist with other patients in a busy environment. 


My extensive training means that I can usually treat your problem with fewer appointments. What you are paying for is my skilled, devoted, and professional expertise and time. Additionally, I have the flexibility to assist patients in financial need. If you have any questions about this structure or would like to request financial assistance, please contact me directly. We hope this information helps you understand the decision to be an out of network provider.

If you would like to request reimbursement from your insurance company, please view the linked documents to learn more. Contact Dr. Burrus directly with questions related to insurance reimbursement.